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Jan 31, 2022

Our guests are Best Show caller Mary Jones (AKA Mary from Lansdale) and her husband, Dennis Lingg! Andy talks with Mary and Dennis about their podcast, Mary Vs. the Movies. You can find and listen to every episode of Mary Vs. the Movies

Jan 30, 2022

Andy's pal Thomas Ostien has been shoveling snow left from Winter Storm Kenan all day, but he makes time to talk with Andy about cheese, hair, Valentine's Day, RiFF RAFF and much, much more! Also, Cousin Jon's Movie Moment returns! Thomas' podcast, Kudos, can be listened to

Jan 28, 2022

Andy talks with friend of the show Joe Piconi who shares a couple hilarious and frightening shopping anecdotes. Also, it's the debut of a new segment titled What Ya Watching? with the King of...

Jan 25, 2022

Our guest is comedian Laura Severse! Andy talks with Laura about how she got her start in standup, how her family feels about her routine, NKOTB, and the passing of Bob Saget & Louie Anderson. Find more information about Laura as well as contact data at Watch The Wallet (2021) official trailer here....

Jan 18, 2022

Andy goes solo and complains about podcasters who snort on mic, his sick dog destroying his mother's glasses, having to endure horrible music at the dentist, not wanting to have to beg guests to be on his show, and his love of the music of Charli XCX