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Mar 28, 2022

Andy memorializes Taylor Hawkins, complains about Siggi's yogurt, talks about Pam & Tommy, and raves about grilled bagels. This week on Rachel's Chart Chat, Rachel from Des Moines finds gems in charts from 1976 and 1983. You can find the playlist for Rachel's Chart Chat

Mar 21, 2022

Andy goes solo and talks about shopping for used vinyl, the "divorce" bowl, taxes, and fear of numbers. Rachel's Chart Chat with Rachel from Des Moines is back! Rachel finds gems in charts from 1978, 1989 and 1972. You can find the playlist for Rachel's Chart Chat

Mar 14, 2022

Our guest is Julie, the host of Dark Night of the Soul, a show that can be heard live every Tuesday from 3PM to 7PM [US EDT] on the Give the Drummer Radio stream via WFMU. Andy talks with Julie about her show, her history with the station, and what listeners can expect from Dark Night of the Soul during the second week...

Mar 7, 2022

Our guest is Olivia Bradley-Skill! Olivia is the Music Director at WFMU and the host of the show Radio Ravioli. Andy talks with Olivia about her career in radio and what to expect from WFMU's two-week marathon. This year's marathon takes place from March 7th to March 20. You can pledge to WFMU at This...