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Oct 5, 2020

Our guest is the artist/musician Ryan Avery! Some of the projects Ryan's been involved in include: Fathers Day, The Best Friends, Night Wolf, Iggy Pop, Catorce, Uncle Sku's Clubhouse, 8-Bit Porno, and Locking Your Car Doors. Ryan is currently working on a trilogy of albums under the moniker Hi My Name Is Ryan. A 2008 documentary film about Ryan of the same name can be viewed for free via YouTube here. Andy talks with Ryan about: the struggles of performing live during a pandemic, the first time Ryan performed in front of strangers, the benefits of having a live audience, the most serious injury Ryan suffered while performing, and the intrinsic negatives that come with being the subject of a documentary film. Music and merchandise curated by Ryan can be purchased via Ryan's label, Related Records, at Albums by Hi My Name Is Ryan and other Ryan-centric projects can be found at Bandcamp via