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Jul 27, 2021

Andy's friend Thomas Ostien drops by PEOPLE ARE THE ENEMY Tower to tell his bed bug story! Check out Thomas' photos here. Watch Thomas' drone footage music video of the coast of Maine

Jul 20, 2021

Our guests are Lucy Hunter and Reg Norris of the New Zealand post-punk trio Opposite Sex! Andy talks with Reg and Lucy about how the current iteration of the group came together, playing Gonerfest, the band's impressions of America, and Opposite Sex's metamorphosis from their self-titled debut album to their latest...

Jul 13, 2021

Our guest is Jose from the Texas indie record label Chord Organ Tapes! Andy talks with Jose about: his recent car troubles, his inspirations for starting the label, old technology, bedsheet ghosts, Chord Organ's subsidiary label, Spooky Tapes, and taking care of eight cats. Check out Chord Organ Tapes on Instagram here....

Jul 5, 2021

Our guest is the writer Dan Eastman! Andy talks with Dan about his new book of darkly hilarious poems, Watertown. Dan reads select pieces from the book and discusses how he'd been inspired to write them. If you both love and hate the town you grew up in, you're gonna dig this book. Watertown by Dan Eastman is available...