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Mar 25, 2024

Andy tells a story about his dog, talks about Jonathan Richman, eye doctors, and finding stuff on the street. Also, we listen to a clip of comedian Alex Edelman. On Rachel's Chart Chat, Rachel from Des Moines reads you another chapter from a '70s music book, this time about Cheap Trick. You can find a playlist for...

Mar 18, 2024

Our guest is the filmmaker Anna Biller! Andy speaks with Anna about her debut novel, Bluebeard's Castle. You can find all things Anna Biller at her website here. Purchase Bluebeard's Castle via Amazon here. On Rachel's Chart Chat, Rachel from Des Moines concludes her look at UK artists who didn't hit in the US. You can...

Mar 11, 2024

Andy runs into his high school chemistry teacher at a party, wonders why only four American presidents had brown eyes, and gets confused by what Siri will and won't say. Also, we listen to clips of Dave Portnoy talking about once eating so much popcorn that it gave him a heart attack and a man claiming to be Jesus...

Mar 4, 2024

Andy chases a wild dog, talks about snacks, and steps on pinecones. Also, a woman calls 911 on herself, Eartha Kitt gets sassy, and RIP Richard Lewis. On Rachel's Chart Chat, Rachel from Des Moines covers Electric Light Orchestra's 10 biggest US hits.