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Apr 24, 2023

Our guests are Zach Woliner and Wally Wackiman! Andy talks with Zach and Wally about their history with the Best Show with Tom Scharpling. Find more information about Zach's live shows for kids on his Zany Zach's Magical Mayhem & Puppet Pandemonium Twitter profile here. You can follow Zach's KermDubs project and find a link to the YouTube channel on the KermDubs Twitter profile here. On Rachel's Chart Chat, Rachel from Des Moines delivers a brand new Chart Chat Presents on TV theme songs from the 1970s. In addition to Wikipedia, sources Rachel used to compile the latest Chart Chat Presents include: MeTV, the Classic TV Database, Billboard, and the Google Books Archive of Billboard Back Issues. You can find a playlist for Rachel's Chart Chat here. Follow Rachel on here.